Sometimes it’s a project you can handle yourself, but you have a few questions before you get started.

Sometimes it’s a question of working out a viable design for the home, as well as a game plan for how to accomplish the work over a longer period of time.

Sometimes it’s needing help choosing materials or colors.

Otogawa-Anschel offers consulting in a number of areas. We understand that not every project needs a contractor, and are proud supporters of “Sweat Equity”. If there is something we can help you with to make your project better, healthier, or more dynamic we are happy to help.

Consulting fees are $160 per hour for all activities.
• Color consulting
• Design and layout consulting
• Project planning
• Green remodeling (how to Green your project)
• Drafting

If you would like Michael Anschel to speak at your event please contact our office.

Green consulting services for builders, remodelers, developers, designers, architects, and building product supply companies are available through Verified Green.