A new adventure awaits...

2016 has been an exciting year for OA. We have settled in to our new-ish office in Uptown Minneapolis.  We have taken on some amazing projects including several return clients- always a pleasure to visit with old friends.  We received the distinguished honor of being awarded a St Paul Herritage Preservation award for our part in the restoration of a Dayton’s Bluff Victorian home. And last but not least, as of yesterday (November 30th, 2016) we have purchased this property at 5057 Ewing Avenue in Minneapolis to do a complete luxury remodel with addition.


Front view of this 1927 Stucco Single Family Home in the Fulton Neighborhood of Minneapolis.

This is an especially exciting adventure for our company as it’s allowing us to have full creative control over the entire scope of the project; style, placement of entire rooms, functionality, and finishes. In all honesty, without a client to bounce ideas off of, this is both liberating and also a a bit of a creative challenge. Whereas budget and existing structure are always key considerations when designing and planning for changes to a home, in this case (expect for the budget) the sky is the limit… Actually the property lines are the limit, but the possibilities are endless.

We’ve already started removing the finishes and tearing off the stucco siding. Soon we will remove the back of the house and begin taking down walls as we prepare for excavation for the two-story addition. Staircases are being moved, the kitchen relocated, walls replaced with steal beams and bathrooms added to every floor.

The goal is to finish early spring in time to enter in the Remodeler’s Showcase, Minneapolis St Paul Home Tour, and Midwest Magazine’s Luxury Home Tour; allowing us to use the home as a showcase of our best work prior to selling the home to a very lucky family. Not only is the home going to be a piece of art in both structure and functionality, but it’s also an example for our industry in exceptional building systems.

Located in the Fulton neighborhood, the home is close to the shops and restaurants at 50th and France and has plenty to see and do all within a short walk from the front door. In addition to an abundance of entertainment options, the home is situated close to the creek, the lakes, and is in arguably the best school district in Minneapolis.

Be sure to check back for frequent updates on the project and be sure to stop by for a tour in the early part of next year.