On June 30th, we closed on our new property and the future home of Otogawa-Anschel Design+Build offices located in Uptown Minneapolis at 3212 Hennepin Ave South. Learn about our new home and renovation plans!



OA Staff outside our North Minneapolis Office

We are sad to leave our current space in North Minneapolis after residing at 1214 42nd Ave N for the past 11 years. We are proud to have been a positive business influence in the Camden Weber neighborhood and we will continue to support the work taking place on the north side. We have decided to make the move to be closer to our clients and look forward to returning to our SW Minneapolis roots, where it all started 21 years ago!


The front of our cute new “home” in uptown! Can’t wait to see it painted and with new landscaping!

On July 1st we started renovations on the Hennepin Ave building.  We are doing a major overhaul but will be maintaining the homey feel of our new space. Our plans are to paint both the inside and outside of the entire home.  Next we will be redoing the front and back porch with Zuri decking, and our favorite landscaping company, Southview Design will be beautifying both our front and back yards!


The “living room” looking into the dining room (left) and the entry way (right). The hole in the wall proved there was NOT a fireplace waiting to be revealed.

This 4-square home has been used as office space for several years and we love that it still maintains the look and feel of a home. We are looking forward to meeting with clients in the living room area of the new office. The new, larger space will allow for quarterly workshops on subjects from tile design, kitchen design, additions, and more.  If you have a topic you would like to learn about, please let us know in the comments!

Another feature of the new space is it will be handicap accessible!  We are in the process of tearing apart of the first floor bathroom making it larger and wheelchair friendly!


The first floor bathroom getting an overhaul!

In the basement we are adding drain tile and we will be testing out a new concept in basement renovation utilizing  the shotcrete method.  Shotcrete is used as swimming pool foundation and is also used  to stabilize land. It is basically concrete fired through a hose at a high speed velocity.  It is compact and therefore low porosity (not very porous).  We will be using it to stabilize the limestone foundation as well as provide a dry and attractive surface to our basement.


the basement dug up and ready for drain tile.

We will also be adding a ramp to the back of the house, doing landscaping, and adding a new deck!


The back of the house needs some love!

Having a larger space will allow us to host more events!  We envision a giant bar area in what is now the kitchen area.  This will join nicely with the back door and deck area!


The current kitchen is outdated and doesn’t work with our expanded bathroom plan.

Stay tuned for updates on our remodeling project and to learn about upcoming events.  We look forward to joining our clients on the south side of the city in our larger, handicapped accessible space! Last but not least, we hope to see you are our housewarming party mid-September!