Adding a dormer to this South Minneapolis home brought it from a 2 bedroom/1 bath home to a 5 bedroom/2 bath house! Dormers are best for attics that are somewhat useable but would be considerably more functional with the space a dormer can provide.


This small Minneapolis home was in need of more space and curb appeal!

When this 1950s house was built near Minnehaha creek, it was intended to have a finished upstairs.  There was a working staircase and 2 existing rooms framed-in along the back of the attic space.


The home came with 2 very rustic bedrooms upstairs!


The existing staircase was structurally sound but not very attractive

The front half of the house had a long sloped roof making it awkward to use as living space and taking away from it’s curb appeal.


The front of the house had a severely sloped roof line making the attic space hard to fully utilize

This made it the perfect candidate for a gable dormer. A gable dormer is a triangle shaped dormer; other types of dormers are shed (single pitch roof) and eyebrow (shaped like an eyebrow).


The dormer in process. already looking much better!

Adding a good sized dormer on half of the house turned the partial attic into a full story.  Where once there was space for two small bedrooms, there is now a generous master suite, a jack and jill bathroom, a laundry room, and two additional bedrooms besides the master!

Simon 008

The staircase opened up and renovated!


Simon 004

This gorgeous master bedroom with open floor plan and plenty of head room!


Simon 003

detail of the tile work in the new bathroom!


Small bathroom with small custom vanity

Another shot of the Jack and Jill bathroom.


Little girl's bedroom with three chalkboards of differing heights on the wall

One of the two additional bedrooms upstairs (besides the master). Not quite as rustic as before!

In addition to almost doubling the livable space of this home, perhaps the most stunning aspect to this remodel is the beautiful cantilever deck off the master bedroom overlooking Minnehaha Creek!

Detail shot of wooden balcony on front of house with vinyl siding

French doors leading to the new deck off the master suite. Now they can sit and enjoy the view of Minnehaha creek!

New walkway and a new look on life!   The after shot says it all!

Simon 006

What a difference a dormer makes!